2,000 Face shields for Police. Thank you PureHeart, Marikar

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Police officers, who are in the fore front in this fight against Covid 19, are exposed to higher risk with higher possibility of interaction with infected people. Such people need proper protection beyond mask. This is because their eyes and the region around eyes are exposed. Face shields provide this protection. In addition face shields prevent people from regularly touching their face. We touch our face 16 times an hour[1]. Mudita is the best face shield[2] available because it is light, simple and comfortable to wear, able to sterilise, reuse, and provides high clarity of vision. Last Friday two thousand high quality face shields were handed over to police force by Sri. Harikrishnan Nair, President of WesterIndia Cashew (PureHeart brand) and Sri. Zulfiquar Marikar, Group CEO of Marikar Motors to Sri. Loknath Behera IPS, DGP of Kerala Police. The two companies and their leaders came together to sponsor these face shields, valued over 2 lakh rupees, as yet another social responsibility act that they routinely conduct.

Sri. Loknath Behera discussed with the Sibi Mathai and Sandith Thandasherry on the speciality of these face shields. It was pointed out that for these were being extensively used by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in various hospitals across the state. The police chief was happy with the ergonomic design, its low weight and high clarity of vision. The reusability was pointed as a valuable advantage. Sri. Loknath Behera personally thanked the sponsors of the face shields, Sri. Harikrishnan Nair and Sri. Zulfiquar Marikar. He also advised Sri. Manoj Abraham IPS, ADGP Headquarters who organised the event, to seek support from more such socially responsible corporates to ensure all the police offers across the state get the same level of protection using Mudita face shields.

Mudita has already supplied 20,000 face shields of which 5,000 has been free of cost mostly to government organisations. This has been possible due to sponsors like Sri. Harikrishnan Nair (PureHeart) and Sri. Zulfiquar Marikar (Marikar Motors).



[1]  – https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-to-not-touch-your-face

[2] – Mudita face shield is the best!


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